"Dorca" is a Christian foundation which aims to meet the spiritual and material needs of those who live around us and to challenge and encourage others to do the same....

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My name is Christina Onofrei.

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Please pray for "Dorca Foundation" that God will stir up the hearts of those that have a calling for this ministry also tell any friends or ministries who might be interested or if you feel that God placed on your heart to help those in need in Romania
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Thank You and God bless you!

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If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.
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Phone/fax: 30-526258


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The Art

Language, Computer Courses


The Special School

Extra Lessons for Children

Sponsorship Of Book Publishing

The Christian Library

Evangelistic Language Camps

Bible Studies

The Pharmacy

Land for the Poor

Family Action

Support for poor Families

The need in "Radauti Project"

Help for children with AIDS

The gypsy Community

How do we meet our goals?

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Romanian Aid Fund (Great Britain).

Partage (France),

Handreiking Polen, Roemenie (Holland)

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Cascaid (Great Britain).

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